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We Only Use Waterborne Products:

  1. Low odor

  2. Flexible- great because wood is always expanding and contracting

  3. Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)- Environmentally friendly

  4. Non Flammable

  5. Safer cleanup

  6. Durable finish

  7. Will not yellow like solvent based products


Increases Value of Home:

The kitchen is the #1 selling point in a home. Our process increases the visual appeal of a home. We have worked with many realtors over the years that approve our process over the competitors.

Cost Savings:

We resurface cabinets at a fraction of what it would cost to reface or replace (40-60% less expensive). This puts money back into the customers pocket to spend it in other areas of the home.

Time Savings:

The average kitchen is done in 5 days! We are in the home for about 1.5 days during that time. Typically job schedule:

Monday: Take down door and drawer fronts. Start finishing frames

Tuesday-Thursday: In the shop finishing door and drawer fronts

Friday: Finish frame and install cabinets. 

Clean and Efficient:

Inside the home the frames are done my brush and roller that produces a finish very close to the spray finish. The frames are sanded using a sponge hand sander dipped in water to capture almost all of the dust. No power sanding is done in the home! Using this process there is no need to tape and close off the entire kitchen. Most frames are done in a day so the customer can resume normal functions in the kitchen.



We spray at our shop using a ventilated and filtered spray wall with a 98.6% efficiency rating. Most competitors spray on site, leaving behind toxic particles inside and outside of a customer’s house. 


Environmentally Friendly:

Reusing and updating existing cabinetry saves trees and reduces our carbon footprint on the Earth. Also, by using waterborne products with low VOC’s we can achieve a finished product that gives little harm to our atmosphere compared to solvent based finishes (without sacrificing quality).