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Our most popular choice, the solid color finish gives any kitchen a modern and clean look. This finish also gives the customer (and future buyers of the home) flexibility in designing the rest of the kitchen like the floors, countertops, and appliances. 
This finish is a solid color finish with “pinstriping” along the borders of the cabinet. The semi-glaze finish is a great way to complement existing décor and/or appliances in the home. Our most popular glazes include: mocha (light brown), stainless steel, and espresso (dark brown).​
FULL- GLAZE (Big Island Only)
For an “old world” or “antiqued” look, the full-glaze option is the way to go. Every piece is glazed meticulously by hand and then a clear coat of polyurethane is sprayed on for extra protection. Full-glaze finishes are great for porous wood so that the glaze can sit inside of the grains of the wood; however, it still looks great on smooth wood like shown on the right!